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A promising outlook for the region

Posted by: Bernie Dagenais on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 9:00:00 am

A promising outlook for the region

The Economic Forecast Breakfast and Annual Meeting, which was held on Jan. 31 this year, is always a great time to take stock.

It’s time to assess the direction of the economy and the Chamber itself as we make note of an amazing 92 years in existence. The Main Line Chamber is on solid financial footing. We know we are a convener and facilitator of important conversations -- we provide forums where business relationships are built and strengthened. And there is demand for what we have to offer.

As for the state of the economy, Stephen Mullin, president of Econsult Solutions and keynote speaker at the breakfast, shared powerful insights regarding the future of Greater Philadelphia. He notes our region is the eighth largest economy in the world and its strengths in education and health care bode well for the future.

The benefits of natural gas on the state and the region continue to unfold, according to Mullin. Three refineries that had been slated to close are being saved in part due to Pennsylvania’s energy boom.

Casinos will continue to boost state coffers, as the state emerges as the second biggest gambling state after only Nevada.

Roads, highways and transit appear poised for major investment as Gov. Tom Corbett is prepared to lift the cap on the oil franchise tax, opening the door for much needed investment at a time when bids are coming in low and our infrastructure is in dire need of repair.

There’s every reason to believe Greater Philadelphia’s economy will continue to strengthen in 2013, and The Main Line Chamber is doing what it can to make sure our members are among those who benefit.

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