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5 Reasons to Get Involved in MLCC

Posted by: Ashley Rutter on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 11:00:00 am

5 Reasons to Get Involved in MLCC

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that young professionals are involved in the process of shaping our region by becoming active members of the community.

One of the ways to do this is by becoming an active member in local business and civic organizations, such as The Main Line Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the mission of the Main Line Chamber Young Professionals to offer the opportunity to build and enhance networking skills through professional socialization and education, the Chamber’s goal is to connect all leaders in the community and create a better region.

There are several reasons why emerging leaders can benefit from being a part of the Chamber:

Enhance your appeal:
The Chamber offers invaluable business networking opportunities that can be used to enhance a young professional’s appeal to current and future employers. Even if you are the best candidate, you can’t be chosen if your abilities can’t be seen.

Increase business contacts:  
There are several opportunities to meet people from a diverse group of industries and grow your network. At Chamber events, young professionals can network with and have access to potential clients, colleagues and future employers. A better community is made through better relationships. It is a great way to meet and connect with peers as well as learn from established community and business leaders.

Grow professionally:
The Chamber is a rich resource to tap into topical professional development programs and master the right tools to make you more competitive in today’s job market. The Chamber offers several seminars, roundtable discussions and learning sessions each month to educate business professionals of all ages on current trends such as leadership, management, marketing/communications, sales and technology. You could even join a committee and add some résumé-building experiences.

Become a part of the community:
Take advantage of the ability to become more involved with the community in which you live and work. Expand your name throughout the region by getting involved, staying connected and extending your reach as a key member of the community. The more people that know you will increase your chance to be referred clients, volunteer or job opportunities.

Discounts…and other free benefits:
Chamber members receive several member benefits as part of your annual membership. Members receive discounts to almost all Chamber events and even receive access to some events for FREE. As a member, you are able to take advantage of the member to member discounts that various members offer that usually result in a percentage off goods and services. You have free access to use the member meeting room at the Chamber and receive referrals and publicity. Refer new members and receive recruitment bonuses to use for events and advertising.

For information on joining the Chamber or taking advantage of your current member benefits, please contact Michele Meckler at


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