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Help with HC Reform

Posted by: Bernie Dagenais on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 2:00:00 pm

Help with HC reform

            The Affordable Care Act remains one of the great uncertainties plaguing businesses as they continue the slow recovery from a recession that ended more than five years ago. As we head into the open enrollment period, and with employer penalties set to kick in with the new year, the rules continue to change.

            These changes have been a hot topic at recent chamber gatherings that have been brimming with business leaders who have questions.

            Independence Blue Cross President and CEO Daniel J. Hilferty, speaking at our Oct. 2 Make More Save More Series event, portrayed reform as a necessary if imperfect step for our costly health care system. He said the new rules bring with them a promise of greater transparency, efficiency and accountability as consumers gain greater knowledge and control. We need to demand, he said, that the rest of the job gets done.

            But there is little doubt that the ACA has had a dampening effect on business growth. A CFO I spoke with recently talked of keeping a number of his employees under 30 hours so the employer mandate on health care won’t kick in. Companies that have traditionally provided their employees with subsidized health insurance are considering paying the penalty and letting their employees fend for themselves on new exchanges, which are essentially marketplaces.

            Your Chamber of Commerce and fellow members are here to help with many matters that can protect and grow your business. Health care reform is one of them. USI and USI Affinity, the Chamber’s endorsed health benefits provider, offers advice and an array of products from Independence Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare and other insurers. Complying with the law while serving the best interests of employees won’t be easy for some. Contact me or click here for more information.

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