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Company Overview: B.Q. Basement Systems is the region's largest waterproofing, foundation repair and concrete leveling company
525 Bethlehem Pk
Erdenheim , PA 19038

Job Description:


Responsible for overseeing each production job to completion, ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency. Leads production employees on his/her crew. Supports the company’s management, purpose, mission, and values.  


  1. Before leaving for the job, a) reviews job specifications to determine materials, tools, and equipment needed for the job, and b) loads the truck with such materials, tools, and equipment.
  2. Upon arriving at the job site, a) assesses the conditions of the job, b) plans time allotment, tools needed, order of work, and workload for the team, and c) adjusts for conditions, making changes from the original job order as needed.
  3. At the jobsite, a) assigns tasks to the team, b) motivates and trains the team on proper handling of materials and tools and approved methods of installation, c) ensures company policies and procedures, as well as safety guidelines, are followed, d) tracks the team’s hours, e) moves job progress to completion at a pace to ensure efficiency and quality, f) troubleshoots situations and innovates processes on the spot as needed, g) communicates with the team about changes needing to be made or made from the original job order, and h) collects payment at the end of the job.
  4. Communicates with: a) the customer throughout the job to aid in understanding and satisfaction of work, ensuring that the customer is aware of and happy with any change to the job before making any such change and satisfied with the finished product, and b) the Production Manager and Production Department regarding the job, ensuring all paperwork is done completely and accurately and given to the proper parties.
  5. Provides customers with a remarkable experience.
  6. Is an ambassador for the company’s culture and purpose.
  7. Drives for the company in a safe manner.
  8. Regular, reliable on-site attendance.

Job Requirements:


  1. Knowledge of construction or related trades preferred.
  2. Ability and skill in operating equipment and/or power tools.
  3. Ability to understand, speak, read, and write in English.
  4. Ability to speak Spanish preferred.
  5. Ability to see the “big picture,” i.e. total job and break it into steps.
  6. Possess talent and personal traits:
  • Communication           Personal Accountability
  • Customer Focus                                   Planning & Organization
  • Goal Achievement                                                                                   Problem Solving
  • Integrity           Self-Management
  • Leading Others                                                           Work Ethic               


  1. High school diploma or GED preferred;
  2. 1+ years of experience in construction trades; or,
  3. A combination of education and experience that illustrates a proven track record in this field.

A valid driver’s license and a safe driving record.

Compensation: Pay is hourly plus commission on sales

To Apply for this position:

For more information, please visit or find us on Facebook. If you are interested, please submit your resume via

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