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Investing in talent

Posted by: Bernie Dagenais on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 10:45:00 am

Investing in talent

Sometimes, clear themes emerge during the Chamber’s interactions with business owners.

In private meetings with CEOs, we hear about the need to bolster an aging work force that will eventually retire. Companies are getting creative to recruit the talent they need to grow.

In March, 160 business leaders heard accomplished human resource managers talk about how companies are on-boarding new employees and keeping them motivated. The topic attracted our largest Make More Save More Series audience yet.

Leaders of institutions of higher education tell us repeatedly of their desire to find more quality experiential learning opportunities for students.

Talent is what drives our companies and our region. Companies will locate and grow in places where they can find the help they need. Regions with educated work forces attract the best jobs.       

This has all led the Chamber staff leadership and board to conclude that we need to focus more on talent in order to better serve our companies and help strengthen the economy.

The number and quality of institutions of higher education is a key asset on the Main Line and in Greater Philadelphia. Working with Berwyn-based corporate tax software leader Vertex, Vanguard Group, Independence Blue Cross and a talent-oriented nonprofit called Campus Philly, we plan to bring campus career professionals together with employers to gain better understanding of how company leaders can better capitalize on that strength.

One goal of this collaboration is to keep more of the region’s top students from leaving upon graduation. We have before us the opportunity to become more coordinated than other regions.

We expect a conversation about internships will be key. So if your company hires interns, or would like to know more about how to do so successfully, please drop me a line at so we can make you part of the conversation.

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