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2020 Women In Leadership
Award Nomination Form

Gold Leaf Nominations

Nomination Form

Instructions: Complete Parts I, II, III and IV

Deadline: Nomination Forms must be submitted by Friday, August 14th, 2020

The nomination form must be completed in its entirety AND curriculum vitae emailed to in order for nominee to be considered.

Click here for additional award information and criteria.

A Word Document version of the nomination form is available by clicking here.

Part I: Pertains to the Nominee and the Nominator


Nominee Name:
E-mail Address:
Direct Phone Number:
Company Web Site:


Submitted By:
E-mail Address:
Direct Phone Number:
Company Web Site:

Part II: Pertains to the Nominee's accomplishments, achievements and service.
Please complete below.
Additional information can be emailed to or mailed to the Chamber.

Is the Nominee's Company a member of The Main Line Chamber of Commerce?
List Nominee's professional accomplishments, special recognitions, projects and achievements.
List Nominee's business and professional memberships, activities and any awards she has received.
Please include business-related affiliations, directorships, trusteeships or other designations.
Describe Nominee's impact on the local economy.
Describe, in detail, the Nominee's community-related achievements, activities and awards.
Describe the Nominee's support and commitment to all employees.
Give specific examples of how the Nominee has demonstrated such support for the advancement of the business and professional lives of all employees.

Part III: (250 words) Allows Nominator to impart personal information about the Nominee. Response should be descriptive and answer, in detail, why the candidate meets the criteria and should be considered as a finalist for the 2020 Women In Leadership Award.


Part IV: Please email the Nominee’s curriculum vitae to
In order for Nominee to be considered, the Nomination Form and Parts I, II, and III must be completed, and Nominee’s curriculum vitae received by the Chamber.

** By clicking the "submit" button below you are verifying that the information provided above is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Additional Information:
- Data entered will not be saved unless submitted if the user navigates away from the nomination form page.
- The nomination is not considered to be complete until the Curriculum Vitae is received by the Chamber and will not be reviewed by the selection committee.
- Questions can be directed to Kristin Di Lullo at 

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a deserving Main Line business woman!