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Leadership Principles & Profiles


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Announcing Year Three of Leadership Principles & Profiles:
Skills-oriented training from the producers of Leadership Main Line

Maximum class size is 24; reserve your company’s spots while they last


Overview: The Main Line Chamber of Commerce is inviting participants to a highly effective and practical, leadership and management training program that occurs one day a month over four days in the fall.  Leadership Principles & Profiles develops leadership skills that are separate and distinct from the nonprofit, volunteer and board development focus of the Leadership Main Line Program.  Leadership Principles & Profiles reached maximum capacity of 24 in 2018.  Enrollment will remain open until all slots are filled.  Companies that expect to have participants are encouraged to reserve their places prior to summer.  Based on feedback from results-oriented companies, and to meet the need to develop and strengthen leaders, the Leadership Principles & Profiles program is designed with three main components:


  • Conversations with inspiring leaders. Access to and interaction with highly successful CEOs who share their philosophies and struggles in an open discussion format, has been one of the keys to the success of the six-month Leadership Main Line program. Learn strategies that work for experienced leaders.


  • Essential leadership skills training. Topics are tailored to the greatest needs of the class, with core trainings and practical application in 1) communications, including a focus on business writing, listening and the power of networking 2) leading change 3) productive conflict 4) and addressing behavior that holds back teams. The exact curriculum will be tailored in part to the needs identified by class members and the individuals who sponsor them. Instruction is in keeping with a philosophy of winning buy-in, increasing engagement and empowering team members to be their best.


  • In-depth sessions on 1) crafting a vision, 2) building alignment and 3) championing execution. While working with the DiSC® assessment tool is often used to help better understand communication, work style and improve teamwork, Leadership Principles and Profiles will focus specifically on the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders™ Profile, which develops best practices in leadership behavior when leading change or a project, while using a collaborative, interactive and experiential learning approach

Facilitator: Dana Riker Jackson regularly wins outstanding reviews from business leaders who participate in the Chamber’s leadership training programs. She is the founder of Riker Opportunity Institute Inc., an organizational development business that has worked with CEOs and human resource professionals over 22 years to address issues to help companies reach their full potential.  Dana has helped companies across all industries, ranging in size from privately owned small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits, to increase their customer satisfaction scores, annual revenues and productivity. She is an authorized partner of Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions, which publishes a family of assessment tools known as Everything DiSC® to enhance organizational performance.

Who attends: This program is for anyone, from aspiring manager to CEO, who manages people or is on a path to leadership.  It provides skill-building for leaders who may not yet be prepared to make the time investment needed for the Leadership Main Line program, which is held over six days and six evenings from January through June. Participants must be recommended by an executive with Chamber-member Company in good standing. The cost is $2,200 for members; or $2,000 for Gold-Level Members. The four sessions will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Chamber Conference Center in Wayne, on Sept. 17, Oct. 22, Nov. 19 and December 10, 2019. A catered lunch is provided. Leadership Main Line alumni are encouraged to enroll.

Outcome: Participants will come away with a network of fellow leaders, improved understanding of effective leadership and enhanced management skills, along with opportunities for continuous learning and improvement.

Deadline: Applications are now being accepted. Recruiting will end when the program reaches capacity at 24. Click here for the application.

For Information: Contact MLCC Staff Member Meg Maurer at or 484-253-1107.